2nd International Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in Southeast Asia

Strengthening Resilience, Equity and Integration in ASEAN Food and Agriculture Systems
12-13 November 2014 • Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Philippines

Conference Speakers


Resilience, Equity and Regional Integration in Southeast Asian Agriculture
habito Dr. Cielito F. Habito
Professor of Economics,
Ateneo de Manila University;
Former Secretary of Socio-economic Planning of the Philippines and
Director-General of the Philippine National Economic and Development Authority;
SEARCA Senior Fellow, and
Conference Technical Adviser and Coordinator
Conference Overview and Background Paper:
Strengthening Resilience, Equity, and Integration in ASEAN Food and Agriculture Systems
htut-oo Mr. Tin Htut Oo
National Economic and Social Advisory Council (NESAC), Myanmar
Toward Sustainability and Resilience in ASEAN Agriculture
siregar Dr. Hermanto Siregar
Vice Rector,
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and
Executive Council of the Indonesian Association of Agricultural Economics
Achieving Inclusiveness and Equity in the Farm Economy
setboonsarng Dr. Suthad Setboonsarng
Board of Directors of the Cambodia Development Research Institute, and
Board of Trustees of the International Rice Research Institute

Integration of ASEAN Food and Agricultural System
In Quest of a Food Secure ASEAN
Panel Discussion – Recipients of the DL Umali Achievement Award in Agricultural Development
xuan Dr. Vo Tong Xuan, Vietnam  
charan Dr. Charan Chantalakhana, Thailand  
barba Dr. Ramon C. Barba, Philippines  
baharsjah Dr. Ir. Sjarifudin Baharsjah, Indonesia  


rasco Dr. Eufemio T. Rasco, Jr.
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Session 1A
Plant Breeding for a Productive, Sustainable,
and Resilient Agri-Biosystem
bondoc Dr. Orville L. Bondoc
Professor, Animal Breeding and Physiology Division
Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster
College of Agriculture
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Session 1A
Improvement of Local Breeds of Smallholder Livestock Farmers in Southeast Asia
 staal Dr. Steve J. Staal
Regional Representative for East and Southeast Asia
International Livestock Research Institute
Session 1A
Sustainable Use of Animal Genetic Resources in Developing Countries
alip Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip
Founder and Managing Director
Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Mutually Reinforcing Institutions
Session 2A
Role of MFIs in Strengthening the Agricultural Sector in Preparation for the 2015 ASEAN Integration
sisenglath Mr. Somphone Sisenglath
Managing Director
Ekphatthana Microfinance Institution
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Session 2A
Lao PDR’s Agriculture and Microfinance Sectors:
Challenges and Opportunities in the ASEAN Integration
kalyan Mr. King Kap Kalyan
Chief Executive Officer
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Session 2A
Cambodia’s Agricultural Sector and Its Readiness for ASEAN Integration through the Microfinance Sector
minh Ms. Le Nguyet Minh
Global Agriculture Advisor
Oxfam America
Session 3A
Farmer-led Agricultural Innovation for Resilience:
The Case of System of Rice Intensification in Vietnam
ravanera Mr. Roel R. Ravanera
Executive Director,
Xavier Science Foundation
Session 3A
The Multiple Goods and Services of Asian Rice Production Systems
sibayon Ms. Ana P. Sibayan
Young Farmer Leader
Pambansang Kilusan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka (PAKISAMA)
Session 3A
Policies to Attract the Youth to Agriculture
gustafson Dr. David I. Gustafson
ILSI Research Foundation
Center for Integrated Modeling of Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition Security (CIMSANS)
Washington D.C., USA
Session 4A
Assessing Sustainable Nutrition Security: The Role of Food Systems
vivas-navarro Ms. Lara Vivas-Navarro
OIC-Chief Science Research Specialist
Standards Development Division
Philippine Bureau of Agriculture and Fishery Standards
Session 4A
Harmonization of Standards for Food and Agriculture under ASEAN
geron Cong. Rico B. Geron
Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. (AGAP) Party List
Session 5A
How Ready are the Philippine Agricultural Cooperatives for the ASEAN Economic Community?
uy Ms. Joan Cua Uy Session 5A
Clustering Approach to Agroenterprise Development: The Coop Experience
thadavong Mr. Khamtanh Thadavong
Deputy Director
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR
Session 6A
ASEAN-level Initiatives on Food Security: Integrated Food Security Framework and Strategic Plan of Action on Food Security (2015 – 2020)
tan Dr. Siang Hee Tan
Executive Director
CropLife Asia
Session 6A
Agri-food Industry Investments to Promote Food Security
wongsanga Ms. Pouchamarn Wongsanga
Senior Regional Coordinator
ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems Project
Session 6A
Toward Food Security in ASEAN through Sustainable Agri-food Systems


perez Dr. Maripaz L. Perez
Regional Director for Asia and Country Manager for the Philippines
Session 1B
The Strategic Framework for AAS in the Philippines
puskur Dr. Ranjitha Puskur
Senior Policy Advisor
CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agriculture Systems
Session 1B
A Rising Tide Does Not Lift All Boats: Transformative Approaches for Strengthening Resilience and Equity in Aquatic Agri-food Systems
philips Dr. Michael J. Phillips
Penang, Malaysia
Session 1B
Fish and Food Security: Securing Blue Growth of Aquaculture

Ms. Ruth P. Novales
Vice President and Corporate Affairs Executive of Nestlé Philippines


Session 2B
Winning with A Value Chain Approach in Coffee  

Ms. Maria Odessa Lañas-Eustaquio
Assistant Vice President and Consumer Marketing Manager of Nescafe Plan, Nestlé Philippines Inc


reano Dr. Jose F. Reano
Manager/Senior Agronomist
Agri-Business Development Department
Nestlé Philippines Inc.

Mr. Craig B. Jamieson
Biomass Consultant
World Agroforestry Centre
Los Baños, Philippines

Session 3B
‘Perennialisation’ of Upland Agriculture

Dr. Agustin R. Mercado, Jr.
World Agroforestry Centre
Claveria, Misamis Oriental,Philippines

Session 3B
Conservation Agriculture with Trees for Sustainable Crop Production Intensification in the Philippine Uplands

Dr. Juergen Schade
GIZ Consultant for Forest and Climate Protection Project Panay II

Session 3B
Strengthening Climate Change Resilience of Upland Agriculture: The Contribution of GIZ in the Philippines

Mr. Jack A. Bobo
Senior Advisor for Biotechnology
United States Department of State

Session 4B
An Evolving U.S. Government Approach to Food Security in the Wake of the 2007–2008 Food Price Spikes

Mr. Andrew McConville
Head of Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific

Session 4B
Rice Bowl Index in Support of Food Security Governance

Dr. Andrew D. Powell
Chief Executive Officer
Asia BioBusiness Pte. Ltd

Session 4B
An Analysis of Food Security Policy and Governance in APEC Economies

Dr. Fatimah Mohamed Arshad
Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Analysis

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Session 5B
Agricultural Policy and Institutional Reforms in Malaysia: Implications and Lessons

Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn
Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation

Session 5B
Agricultural Policy and Institutional Reforms in Thailand: Experiences, Impacts, and Lessons

Ms. Do Lien Huong
Strategy and Policy Research Division

Session 5B
Agricultural Policy and Institutional Reforms in Vietnam: Experiences, Impacts, and Lessons

Dr. Ponciano S. Intal, Jr.
Senior Economist
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

Session 6B
Enhancing Intra-ASEAN Agricultural Trade: Identifying Choke Points to Supply Chain Connectivity and Opportunities for Improvement

Dr. Vo Tri Thanh
Central Institute for Economic
Management (CIEM)

Session 6B
Enhancing Supply Chain Connectivity and Competitiveness of Agriculture Products: Identifying Choke Points
and Opportunities for Improvement in Vietnam


gummert Engr. Martin Gummert
Senior Scientist, Postharvest Development
International Rice Research Institute
Session 1C
Mechanization in Rice Farming: Lessons Learned from Selected Countries and IRRI  Case Studies
barker Dr. Randolph T. Barker
Professor Emeritus
Cornell University
Session 1C
The Never-ending Challenge of Managing Water Resources: Focus on a Half Century of Experience in Asia
daryanto Dr. Arief Daryanto
Graduate Program of Management and Business
and Department of Economic Studies
Faculty of Economics and Management
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Session 2C
The Indonesian Experience on Logistics Systems in the Supply Chain of Agricultural Products: Opportunities and Challenges
llanto Dr. Gilberto M. Llanto
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Session 2C
Strengthening Markets of High Value Fruits and Vegetables in Mindanao: The Case of Transport and Shipping Service Improvement
basilio Dr. Enrico L. Basilio
Chief of Party
USAID Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) Project
Session 2C
Enhancing ASEAN Connectivity: The ASEAN RO-RO Initiative
predo Dr. Canesio D. Predo
Associate Professor
Institute of Renewable Natural Resources
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Session 3C
Determinants of Household Decisions on Adaptation to Extreme Climate Events in Southeast Asia
a.sajise Dr. Asa Jose U. Sajise
Department of Economics
College of Economics and Management
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Session 3C
Economic Analysis of Public and Autonomous Adaptation against Climate Hazards in Coastal Areas: Lessons from a Cross-Country Study
binh Mr. Phung Thanh Binh
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Unit
Faculty of Development Economics
University of Economics, Vietnam
Session 3C
Mediation Analysis of Factors that Influence Private Flood Mitigation Behavior in Developing Countries: Evidence from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Dr. Majah Leah V. Ravago
Assistant Professor and Director for Research
UP School of Economics

Session 4C
Helping Farm Households Cope with Climate Change and Adverse Events 

Dr. Cely S. Binoya
Professor and Dean
Graduate School
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

Session 4C
Mainstreaming Climate Risk Management and Disaster Preparedness in Local Governance for Food Security
foronda Prof. Vladimir R. Foronda
Associate Professor and Director,
Information and Communications Technology
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

Mr. Aristeo A. Portugal
Assistant FAO Representative (Programme)
Food and Agriculture Organization Philippines

Session 4C
FAO Response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines:
Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development for Resilience

Dr. Dindo M. Campilan
Regional Director for Asia
International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
Hanoi, Vietnam

Session 5C
Innovation Systems for Eco-efficient Future of Asian Agriculture

Dr. Peter Läderach
International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
Hanoi, Vietnam

Session 5C
Decision and Policy Analysis for Eco-efficient Agriculture in a Changing Climate

Dr. Frédéric Lapeyrie
French Consortium for Research and Education in Agriculture, Food, Animal Health, and the Environment (AGREENIUM)
Paris, France

Session 5C
Capacity Development and Institution Building for National Agricultural Innovation Systems

Dr. Poonpipope Kasemsap

Session 6C
The Role of Universities in Agriculture and Rural Development: The Case of Thailand

Ms. Janina Brill

Session 6C
High Education for Sustainable Development - The Role of DAAD in the Region


tan Dr. Siang Hee Tan
Executive Director
CropLife Asia
Session 1D
2015 and Beyond: Helping Farmers Grow Plant Biotech Industry Products in the Pipeline
gonzales Dr. Leonardo A. Gonzales
Founding President and Chairman
STRIVE/SIKAP Foundation Inc.
Session 1D
Socioeconomic Impact of Biotech Corn in the Philippines: Implications on ASEAN Economic Integration
halos Dr. Saturnina C. Halos
Chair, Biotechnology Advisory Team,
Department of Agriculture, Philippines
Session 1D
Delivering Biotech Seeds to Farmers Requires a Functional Regulatory System
sarananda Dr. K.H. Sarananda
Food Research Unit
Department of Agriculture
Sri Lanka
Session 2D
Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in Sri Lanka through Competitive Supply Chain Management
purwanto Dr. Y. Aris Purwanto
Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering
and Center for Tropical Horticulture Studies
Bogor Agricultural University
Session 2D
Supply Chain and Value Chain Development of Shallot in Indonesia
giz-partners GIZ and Partners Session 3D
Integrated Ecosystem Management from ridge to reef
niggel Mr. Matthias Niggel
Chief Advisor
Environment and Rural Development (EnRD) Program
Session 3D
Identifying Agricultural Safeguard Areas—A Practical Example of a Climate Change Adaption Measure
lansigan Dr. Felino P. Lansigan
Professor of Statistics and Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines Los Banos
Session 3D
Opportunities for Up-scaling Ecosystem-based Climate Change Adaptation Measures as Risk Management Strategy in Crop Production in Southeast Asia
rival Dr. Alain Rival
Resident Regional Director for Southeast Asia
French Agricultural Research Centre for International
Development (CIRAD)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Session 4D
EU-Southeast Asia S&T Collaboration for Food Security: The CIRAD Experience
mcconville Mr. Andrew McConville
Head of Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific
Session 4D
Collaboration in Science and Technology with ASEAN Countries toward Food Security: The Syngenta Experience
mihara Dr. Machito Mihara
Professor, Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
President, Institute of Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation, Japan
Session 4D
Promoting Food, Agriculture, and Environment Education in S&T Collaboration for Food Security and Food Safety in Cambodia
roumasset Dr. James A. Roumasset
Professor, University of Hawaii
and Visiting Professor, UP School of Economics
Session 5D
Land Reform with Asian Characteristics: Pros and Cons
fabella Dr. Raul V. Fabella
UP School of Economics
Session 5D
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to Let Go
heong Dr. K.L. Heong
Senior Advisor
SE Asia Regional Centre - Malaysia
Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International
Session 6D
Enhancing Sustainable Pest Management through Ecological Engineering Approaches
sivapragasam Dr. A. Sivapragasam
Deputy Regional Director, SE Asia Regional Centre - Malaysia
Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI)
Session 6D
Plantwise: A Global Program to Support Sustainable and Functional Plant Health Systems for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods
zhang Dr. Qiaoqiao Zhang
Director of Memberships
Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International
Session 6D
Tools and Ways for Effective Communication of Plant Health Research Findings
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