Dr. Vo Tong Xuan

xuanA scientist, educator, extension worker, administrator, and international servant in rural development and food policies for almost three decades, Dr. Vo Tong Xuan’s dedicated and committed service toward the promotion of diversified and sustainable agriculture, particularly in rice production, through his scientific publications, extension, teaching, and inputs to national policies has impacted the lives of millions of people, especially those in developing countries whose lives primarily depend on agriculture.

Dr Xuan’s work at the grassroots, national, and international levels in the governmental, private, and non-governmental sectors contributed immensely to the transformation of the Vietnamese agricultural economy from a net rice importer to the world’s second largest rice-exporter. He was instrumental in disseminating the modern cultivation techniques of high-yielding rice varieties to the farmers of the Mekong Delta and his leadership helped farmers in the area to restore their production after the brown plant hopper (BPH) infestation that resulted in widespread food shortage among rice farmers.

He has assisted the governments of Cambodia, Myanmar, and Lao PDR on their agricultural policies and technologies. His expertise has likewise been sought by governments and farmers even beyond Asia.


Plenary 2: In Quest of a Food Secure ASEAN Panel Discussion