Dr. Juergen Schade

schadeGIZ Consultant for Forest and Climate Protection Project Panay II
jurgen_schade@yahoo.com, juergen.schade@dfs-online.de


Jürgen Schade has been working as forestry/agroforestry consultant in the Philippines for 16 years for GIZ. He holds a PhD in Forestry, with substantial working exposure to agroforestry, upland agriculture, and silvipasture. Dr. Schade has been the Chief Adviser for the Forest and Climate Protection (ForClim) Project Panay, the EnRD Community-based Forest Management Component, the Community-based Forest and Mangrove Management Project Panay and Negros, and the Integrated Rainforest Management Project in Quirino Province and Surigao del Sur. Outside the Philippines, he worked for upland development projects in China (strong horticulture and silvipasture components), Vietnam, and several African countries. All these projects included a substantial upland agriculture and agroforestry component with focus on appropriate technologies, agroforestry, silvipasture, extension, capacity building, participatory land use planning, tenure instruments, value adding and marketing. Privately he manages a small agroforestry plantation in Panay. 


Session 3B: Strengthening Climate Change Resilience of Upland Agriculture: The Contribution of GIZ in the Philippines