Dr. Jose F. Reano

reanoManager/Senior Agronomist
Agri-Business Development Department
Nestlé Philippines Inc.


Jose F. Reano started his career in Nestle in 1990 as Research and Development Coordinator on varietal improvement ,nutrition ,propagation and integrated pest management studies on coffee, ,cacao and soybeans. He is one of the research scientists responsible for accelerated propagation of desirable Robusta coffee selections through somatic embryogenesis in  collaboration with Nestle R & D Center Tours, France.. For almost a decade, he spearheaded local evaluation, development, registration of high-yielding Robusta coffee selections  currently accredited, labeled and certified by the National Seed Industry Council(NSIC) for commercial planting in the Philippines. Simultaneously, he has been involved in grass-roots technology transfer and extension activities advocating and promoting sustainable farming systems. He is a recipient of various awards in recognition for his invaluable service as researcher and extension worker.

Jose F. Reano finished his BS Agriculture (1978), Master in Agriculture(1981) Ph. D in Botany-Plant Physiology (1989) in UP Los Banos. He conducted his dissertation works and post-doctoral fellowship in Ben-Gurion University in Israel .Before joining Nestle, he served Philippine government for 13 years as Research Specialist on stress physiology and sustainable farming systems of various plants.


Session 2B: Winning with a Value Chain Approach in Coffee