Dr. Siang Hee Tan

tanExecutive Director
CropLife Asia


Siang Hee Tan is currently Executive Director of CropLife Asia, the Asian operation of an international trade association with a presence in 91 countries. At CropLife Asia, he is responsible for directing regulatory, crop protection, biotechnology and outreach programs in 15 Asian countries. Other professional experience includes set-up the Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) Genome Centre, and management of two start-up ventures developing Bioinformatics Software and Pre-natal Genetic Testing. Additionally, at Sime Darby he was responsible for: setting-up the biotechnology Section for the Sime Darby Technology Centre (genetic testing for leukemia and pre-post bone marrow transplant monitoring for the Subang Jaya Medical Centre); for managing the Northern Corridor Economic Region Project (NCER) on large scale farming; and for developing an agri-entrepreneur program. Dr. Tan holds a BSc in Plant Pathology from the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, an MSc in Genetic Engineering from UPM and a PhD in Molecular Biology (Plant Virus) from Okayama University, Japan. Professional recognition includes a Silver Award at the 2005 Geneva International Exhibitions and Inventions of New Techniques and Products, a US Government Cochran Fellowship for biological research at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, and UPM awards for research and development.


Session 6A: Agri-food Industry Investments to Promote Food Security
Session 1D: 2015 and Beyond: Helping Farmers Grow Plant Biotech Industry Products in the Pipeline