Mr. Somphone Sisenglath

sisenglathManaging Director
Ekphatthana Microfinance Institution
Lao People’s Democratic Republic


Somphone Sisenglath is founder and Managing Director of Ekphatthana Deposit Takeing MFI and Microfinance Center Laos. He has explored the full range of microfinance models implemented in the Lao PDR and has conducted Microfinance Best Practice Trainings to more than 500 participants with practitioners and policy makers. He has shared his expertise as a Microfinance Consultant to several projects of ADB, World Bank, UNDP, EU and other INGOs in Lao PDR. Somphone has an MBA in International Business from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok in 1998. He also served as Co-Chairman of Lao Microfinance Working Group 2008-2010.


Session 2A: Lao PDR’s Agriculture and Microfinance Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities in the ASEAN Integration